IDP Services




IDP is a full stop shop for your diesel service needs.
IDP is ready to schedule your appointment today, but also proudly offers select walk-in services. At Imler Diesel Performance we use quality products and can provide you with CA CARB legal performance upgrades.


Courtesy Services:

  • Air Filter - Cleaning / Replacement*
    Wiper(s) Replacement*
    Battery Replacement*
    Engine / Transmission / Exhaust Brake 1,000 Mile Recheck*
    *When Purchased & Installed By IDP

    Regular Maintenance Services:

  • LOF (Lube - Oil - Filter) w/ Six Point Inspection - This Checks: Lights - Air Filter - Fluids - Batteries - Brakes - Tires
    30 / 60 / 90 Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance Automatic & Manual Transmission Service
    Coolant System Service
    Front / Rear Differential Service
    Transfer Case Service
    Fuel Filter Replacement
    Brake System Flush
    Tire Rotation
    Light(s) Replacement
    Hood Strut Replacement
    Valve Adjustment




    Inspection & Diagnosis for common problems:

  • Common Inspections:
    New Customer Visual w/LOF
    Visual Vehicle Inspection w/LOF
    Complete Vehicle Check Out
    Pre-Trip Check Out
    Pre Purchase Check Out
    Brakes Front / Rear Inspection
    Injector Balance Test
    Glow Plug System Tests

    Common Problems:
    Hard Start
    Hot / Cold No Start
    No Cranking
    Black/White Smoke
    Lack Of Power / Poor Performance
    Rough Run
    Fluid Leaks
    Check Engine Lights
    Vehicle Surging
    Shifting Issues
    Brake Issues
    Poor Fuel Economy
    Hesitates / Stumbles
    Engine Stall
    Exhaust Leaks

  • Installation or Replacement of OEM Stock & CA CARB Legal Aftermarket Products

  • Exhaust Brake
    EGR Cooler
    Oil Cooler
    Valve Body
    Glow Plug(s)
    ICP Sensor
    Killer Dowel Pin Update
    Fuel Filter Base Reseal
    HP Oil Pump
    Engine Replacement
    Cylinder Head Replacement
    Injector Installation
    Valve Adjustment
    Transmission Replacement
    Gauge Pod Installation
    Brake Replacement

Facts & Questions

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